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Rates & Services

Proofreading is a line-by-line read-through to ensure overlooked errors are found and corrected.

It is also one of the final steps and should only be taken after all editing has been completed. 

I will provide one read-through of your manuscript, with a focus on continuity, spelling, punctuation, and extra and/or missing words.


Standard Proofread: $2 per 1,000 words / $0.002 per word

(minimal corrections / "oops" typos)

In-Depth Proofread: $3 per 1,000 words / $0.003 per word

(extensive corrections)

Americanizing/Anglicizing Proofread: $3.50 per 1,000 words / $0.0035 per word

(BrEng/AmEng idioms, colloquialisms, punctuation, etc.)

A standard rate will be applied to a manuscript that has been sufficiently edited and requires minimal, common, everyday typos.

An in-depth rate will be applied to a manuscript needing extensive corrections, be it from a self-edit, lack of copyedit, etc.

If English is your second language or you're a British author with an American storyline and wish to ensure proper American English terms, punctuation, etc. is used, then an Americanizing/Anglicizing rate will be applied.

All corrections are made with the "track changes" feature in Word. 

Once the proofread is completed and sent back to the author, it is the responsibility

of the author to accept/reject suggested changes. 

The final step, of course, is the author's eyes and approval!

Invoices are sent via PayPal and are due upon receipt.

Please contact me for availability.

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